Monday, May 7, 2012

You're My Popsicle

Every time I hear the word popsicle it reminds me of a song from the very first NKOTB album. Yes, I was an avid fan before and I have their first album too! Hehe. I like eating popsicles myself too so when I saw a post on how to do a yogurt popsicle by Barbara of Little Chumsy's Blog, I can't resist trying them. So I really went to Daiso (semangat man!) and bought the popsicle mould. After I bought all the necessary items, we did it one Friday night so that we can consume it on Saturday!

I did strawberry yogurt popsicles so I got some strawberries, strawberry yogurt, honey and full cream milk.

Elizabeth wants to help out, so I got her to put the frozen strawberries and strawberry yogurt into the blender.

Joseph wants to help too! After putting all the yogurt into the blender, blend it and it becomes like a smoothie.

You can add in a few tea spoons of honey for added sweetness. You can also add full cream milk to make it creamier. Blend it a little to even out the mixture with the added ingredients.
Then I poured them into the Daiso popsicle mould, cover the mould and put it in the freezer.
Happy kids = priceless! Be warned though that it will get messy when kids eat popsicles. Hehe.
After that success, I tried Ribena popsicles too. Just as good. Great for those hot, sunny days. :)


  1. ooooh... 'You are my popsicle'... NKOTB era!!

    You just woke up my popsicle craving!!

    The popsicle mould from daiso looks cute.

    Hey, try Greek yoghurt or yoghurt from FarmFresh. You will taste the difference.

  2. wow! You also awakened the popsicle craving giant in me lerrr...after seeing how creamy and healthy the popsicle is with fresh strawberries and yoghurt, i'm so tempted to do it myself! But alas, I must be patient and wait... Anyways, the happiness on ur kids' faces is really priceless. They must be thinking..why didn't mummy think of this earlier???

  3. Yeah! Sometimes, I would just put in vitagen or chocolate milk in the moulds. My girls too love it. Healthier than any another ice-cream sold outside, right?

  4. Homemade is healthier. No need to buy from outside anymore.

  5. Oh dear, it looks so great! Thanks for the tips and idea(thanks Barb too), gonna try this!

  6. oh gawd! how can you allow them to eat popsicle seated on the couch? I'll make ethan sit on the floor if he wants to eat ice-cream! ^_^

  7. I bought it from Daiso...but none of them seems to appreciate my effort..LOL!!

  8. Catheryn: Why? You were once a fan of NKOTB too? Thanks for the tips. Will try with Greek yogurt one day. See how it goes.

    Kasie: make me sound like a terrible mum..:P Kidding. I know you didn't mean it.

    Sheoh Yan: Yep thanks for the tips! But sometimes still we will buy ice-cream from outside. Can't resist. :P

    mnhl: Still will buy from outside because sometimes the kids will request.

    Alice: Hey, long time no see you. Thanks for dropping by and yes you must try although it's nothing compared to your home made ice-cream!

    Merryn: LOL. it's only for picture taking. I just want them both to be in the pic. :P

    Yee Ling: how come? They don't like cold food?

  9. Mmm...your version is so much healthier. no need to cook or add sugar eh? Yummy! i think i'm going to try this out soon. BTW, i like your popsicle mould. These ones can be easily slide open huh?



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