Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day Card

In case, the card would go missing one day although I will definitely keep it, I decided to record it down into my blog. This year like other years since she went to kindy, my daughter came back with a Mother's Day card she did in school. She showed it to me proudly and wished me.

The front. It's so cute the way she writes her Chinese characters. Haha.

The back. I find it cute and funny with that question there , "Good for you Mummumy(wrong spelling haha)?" From is foam. hehe.
Thank you for your effort, dear Elizabeth. I appreciate the card very much. Mummy loves you very much! I can feel the love..hehe.

On to another story, my two kiddos are like any other siblings. They have their good times and bad times. They can be loving to each other during good times and behave like enemies during bad times. LOL. But there were a few occasions where it shows how much they love each other.

1. When I found out that Joseph did something naughty, his sister would defend him by giving me excuses or reasons on why Joseph did it. She made it sound like he wasn't in the wrong!

2. She gives in to him more than her brother gives in to her.

3. There was once the two squabbled and that left Elizabeth in tears. She ran away crying but Joseph ran after her and quickly apologised, "Sorry Jie Jie. Sorry Jie Jie".

4. Another incident happened when Joseph wanted to paste some stickers from his Thomas and friends sticker activity book. Elizabeth wanted to join in but he shooed her away. So she ran away in tears again. But again he ran after her and said to her, "Come Jie Jie, stick together".

I admit the squabbling I don't like but it's when they make up, it's so sweet to witness it. I'm sure you guys agree with me right?

School holidays are coming. Enjoy your holidays with your kiddos. :)

Joseph's first time attending his sister's Sports Day.


  1. aww...that is a sweet card. siblings are siblings...there are no hard feelings no matter how big their squabbles are :)



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