Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When your child vomits

In the previous post, I've mentioned that Elizabeth was down with vomiting and diarrhoea. She is fine now and already started attending preschool this week already. So far, no crying drama from her and she is going through preschool very well. After all, the teacher replied that she's a big girl already, she's six years old this year(actually she just turned five last November :P) when I asked the teacher how did she fare on her first day in preschool. I'll be crossing my fingers that there'll be no crying drama this year because I've endured her crying dramas for two years in preschool already!

I want to also share on what to do when your child vomits from my experience and advise from my paediatrician. When your child starts to vomit a few times and keeps rejecting any food he/she has eaten, of course you'll have to take your child to see a doctor. Take the medication he has given and besides that, the doctor advised that I don't have to give Elizabeth anything to eat at least for half a day. Your child will be ok as long as there's water. Give your child 2 tablespoons of warm water every 10 minutes to prevent from dehydration and replenish lost fluids from the body. Elizabeth had it very bad that she even vomited out that 2 tablespoons of warm water a few seconds or minutes after I fed her. But I still have to continue giving her. Then after half a day if your child has stopped vomiting, you can start giving him/her plain porridge or soy-based or lactose-free milk. Once your child starts having diarrhoea that is actually good news because it means that the vomiting bouts are over and the diarrhoea helps to get rid of the virus in the body.

With that said, I hope none of this happen to your child but just hope that what I share could be of use if it should happen. Sharing is caring they say.

Some random pictures to end the post. Have a nice day!

My lil' dahlings watching television and sitting so close together at the corner of the sofa.

My hubby was teaching Elizabeth to count coins but Joseph arranging the coins instead.

Elizabeth learning to count the coins.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information :)

  2. SO sorry to hear that! ANd thanks for sharing that info. I usually give them Oral Rehydration Salt when they have vomitting bouts and yes warm water helps too.

  3. I kinda scare when kids vomiting and diarrhoea, my kids were admitted to hospital before due to food poisoning.

  4. Oh poor girl! Hope she will not face this anymore!

    Thanks for sharing the info btw. I remember one time we add some oral rehydration salt into Ben's sippy cup but couldn't recall why we do that... alamak... mummy brain ar... sorry sorry...

  5. thanks for the tips Carolyn. :) hope your lil gal fits right into school. :) take care. :)

  6. Yuppp...i got panic also if the kids are vomiting...but doc said most important they get sufficient fluid to replenish back the body. Glad to hear she is well now.

  7. @Barbara: No problemo.

    @Germaine: Welcome! Elizabeth doesn't like that Oral Rehydration Salt. She will only take like one sip and that's it. After that she will say don't want anymore.

    @Sheoh Yan: I'm also very scared of it. That's the thing, the doctor said must give water frequently. Otherwise he'll send my daughter to hospital.

    @Jenny: hahah..mummy's brain after two pregnancies will be like that. I truly understand.

    @Martha: Welcome. Yeah, she's doing good so far. :)

  8. That is very good tip and information you shared Carolyn. I guess it is hard to avoid and normal to have a kid getting sick. Just pray that it dont happen too often :)

    Bravo to you for being a great Mum and overcome all that! Cheers to good health, for us and our children!

  9. Thank you for sharing the tips. I'm so afraid of this vomitting thing. I hate cleaning them up.



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