Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello 2012

It might be a little too late but still Happy New Year to everyone! Last year, 2011 did not treat me very well so I'm wishing that this 2012 will treat me much better than the last. 

The new year started with my daughter Elizabeth being sick. I'm suspecting she caught the virus from me because I too fell sick during Christmas. Then I passed on the virus to my nephew and I'm guessing he passed it on to poor Elizabeth. We were all vomiting and having diarrhoea. She being so young had it worst. She vomited for 2 days and had diarrhoea at the wee hours in the morning today. She's became so thin but is doing better now. Hmm..makes me wonder how come I didn't became thinner despite all the vomiting and diarrhoea. LOL. :P Anyway, I hope this bad start to the new year doesn't mean anything and I'm still praying that it will be a good year for us. I hope she will be fit and fine to go to school tomorrow. It will be her first day of school since she missed a few days already. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed .

Since I've been weak during the Christmas time, we didn't really celebrate in a big way this year. My mum is still not up for it. So it was quite a quiet Christmas and New Year this year. We went to church on Christmas day even though I was not well and still managed to go out for our Christmas dinner. As for New Year, the kids were already asleep during the eve. So hubby and I just watched some fireworks from our balcony and then he resumed back to do his work on the laptop while I watched a midnight movie on the telly. Maybe next year we should bring the kids somewhere for the countdown huh? 

How did you celebrate your Christmas and New Year?

The Angry Birds and Doraemon cupcakes I got for my nephew's birthday. He loves anything to do with Angry Birds and Doraemon.

My sister and her two kiddos.

Joseph and his cute peace sign. Hehe.

Having fun time in Sunway Pyramid.

The kiddos on a sleigh. Part of the Christmas deco in Sunway Pyramid.

Christmas deco in Sunway Pyramid.
Christmas deco at The Curve.

Christmas deco outside The Curve.
Christmas in Mid Valley Megamall. Elizabeth was so brave to sit on Santa's lap again this year.

Christmas deco at Ikano Power Centre.
Christmas is in the air and on Elizabeth's nails! Cute isn't it?
Time to open all the presents on Christmas day!

Already so excited to tear down that present and yet I make him strike a pose for me..hehe.

The kids with some of their Christmas presents.


  1. I hope you are well by now. I was that good in 2011 as well. I also hope that my 2012 is a better year. You keep well and stay pretty.

  2. Happy New Year 2012!! Wish u all the best and speedy recovery to your little darling.

  3. and I guess it is not too late to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Pray for the best neu year.

    BTW, those cup cakes are beautifully decorated

  4. Happy New Year to you! Elizabeth's nails are super cute! May you be stronger this year. No more weak weak. Good health to you and family and may your Mom be cheerful again :)

  5. Happy New Year 2012! Hope little Elizabeth has recovered fully by now. I wouldn't have guessed she's wearing the hairclips if you have not told me :-D. Hope she likes the hairclips :-).

    Is the girl in long wavy hair you? You're such a pretty mummy!

  6. Hope your little one is well now. My girl is under the weather now and has to skip school today. The weather is terrible :(

  7. @Sheoh Yan: Thanks. I'm fine already. My daughter is much better today too. Thanks for your wishes.

    @Yee Ling: Thanks for your wishes and same to you!

    @de engineur: Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too! I didn't do those cupcakes, I actually ordered it from my colleague..:)

    @Merryn: Happy New Year! Yeah I think her nail art are super cute too. Done by my babysitter's daughter. Thanks so much for the wishes. Appreciate it.

    @PeiYi: Yeah she likes the hairclips! Hahah..too far away right? I will take some close up shots ok?And yes, I'm the one with long, wavy yair. You're just too kind..thank you.

    @Barbara: Your daughter's turn? Aiyoh poor thing. Hope she recovers soon.

  8. Happy New Year. Wish you and your family have a great year ahead of you. Virus is in the air, my Quay Lo has been having this stubborn flu and cough since before Christmas. I am sure it is no fun for your little darling. Do keep an eye on her condition and don't let this develop into any bad infection. The angry bird cup cakes look gorgeous. Lucky birthday boy and well loved.

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  10. hope you're better now. What a beautiful family, love the family pic with Santa. :) blessed New YEar Carolyn~ :)

  11. Love the cute nails! Happy New Year to you & family too! Praying you'll have a better year in 2012!

  12. @Quay Po Cooks:Happy New Year! How's Quay Lo? I hope he is well already.

    @Fitra2009: Thanks. Sure will.

    @Martha: We're all ok already. Thanks. Glad you like the pic.

    @Jenny: Thank you for the prayers!



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