Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CNY Deco In Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall

Last Sunday, we went to Mid Valley Megamall for some CNY shopping. So I took the chance to take some picture of their CNY decorations for your viewing pleasure. The decorations were beautiful for me but still I felt it was not grand enough. Grand enough if you use it for house decoration but not so for a mall. That's just my opinion maybe others have a different say.

CNY deco in Mid Valley Megamall's Centre Court.

Copy of IMG_3513
Another angle

Copy of IMG_3520
The CNY deco at the North Court of Mid Valley Megamall

Copy of IMG_3518
A closer look of the deco. Looks like a huge lantern with tiny lanterns within.
Then we hopped over to The Gardens Mall too since it's just beside Mid Valley Megamall. If it was not because we wanted to borrow their child stroller, we might not even drop by over there. The child stroller in Mid Valley Megamall were all taken up. Wasted because I actually prefer the stroller in Mid Valley Megamall. In case you parents have forgotten to bring your own stroller out for shopping(of all the things we have forgotten!), a tiny review her of the two mall's stroller. I prefer the ones from Mid Valley Megamall because:

1. it's new(they just got new strollers I think!)
2. it's more comfortable
3. more sturdy and safer
4. it has a big under-seat storage basket for you to put your baby bag and shopping bags
5. it has a hook to hang your shopping bags
6. it has a footrest
Copy of IMG_3466
The best picture I can find of the Mid Valley Megamall's stroller.
The ones from The Gardens Mall are:
1. not new, it has been there for quite a while. However, it doesn't look dirty
2. not so comfortable
3. not sturdy because it fell backwards before if there are shopping bags hanging and if the child is not sitting on the stroller
4. the under-seat storage basket is small and I had to squeeze the baby bag in it
5. it doesn't have a hook to hang your shopping bags. I had to hang them at their handle
6. it doesn't have a footrest so Joseph’s legs were left dangling.
Copy of IMG_3503
The Gardens Mall stroller.
Ok sorry for the diversion. Now back to the CNY deco in The Gardens Mall. The decorations are simple and nice but nothing to go ooh and aah about it. They have some props around as if to make us feel at home. It would be nice if those props are really in a home. It would be a nicely decorated home ready for CNY. Haha.

Copy of IMG_3522
The CNY deco in The Gardens Mall

Copy of IMG_3524
A view from top of the props along the shops. They are all different but I'm lazy to take picture of each prop.

Copy of IMG_3525
The CNY deco at the Isetan side.

Copy of IMG_3526
Elizabeth posing in front of a prop. They did put effort in decorating huh? How nice if my house can be decorated like this.

Copy of IMG_3527
Elizabeth with another prop. That room panel divider is beautiful isn't it?
So between the two, which mall fare better in their CNY decoration?  


  1. Only getting out to the mall will feel the CNY atmosphere.

  2. Think The Gardens deco looks more elegant, tasteful and stylish. The Mid Valley Megamall one looks more 'loud' but maybe it's to create a more cheerful atmosphere?

  3. I think i ll prefer The Gardens. Ppl have been praising high about the deco in Pavillion.heheheheh I dont think I will be able to check out all.

  4. Oh i haven't been to Mid Valley yet. Perhaps I should go tomorrow :) Actually I like the decor at both MV and Gardens. They look simple and classy to me :)

  5. wow, such beautiful deco this year. :) I've not gone to the malls since Christmas..must head that way soon to buy new clothes and to see some deco. Thanks for the pictures. :)

  6. Lovely deco! No chance to go Midvalley yet, everytime think of the place get scared cos of the jam and no parking!

  7. Gardens Mall's deco is not bad. Not very extravagant but subtle and elegant. I like the dividers!

  8. I tak pergi Mid Valley this time.. couldn't tahan the jam n lack of parking space :)

  9. so many cute tanglungs and colorful flowers there! :) but the dragon is nowhere to be found huh

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  10. I am sure those CNY deco in the mall puts your kiddies in a CNY mood. I did not know that they have strollers to borrow from malls. What a great idea. One of my good friend in is Baby Stroller and baby products business. The company is called Planete Enfant/Mamous. They have shops in Mid Valley, Empire Subang and ONe Utama. Their strollers are very good quality. The brands they carry are premium brands like Maxi Cosi. Any of your freinds looking for a good stroller, should check them out. Hey, Happy CNY to you and your family. Hugs, hugs and hugs for your adorable kiddies.

  11. me I think both also beautiful. haha.... because I'm into CNY mood already! Wishing u and family a Prosperous Chinese New Year !

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