Friday, October 1, 2010

Craft her day

Her leperchaun


Little bro is awake already!

This is long overdue post. I finally did a craft activity with Eliza on Malaysia Day. It was like a tiny project to do with her. Had to hunt for the stuff and find spare time to start the project. So this is her first craft project and we did have fun quality time together. Had to plan it nicely and wait for her little bro to take his nap first then only the project can start.

I was so excited and anxious that I didn't take photos of the progress and only took some photos after it's done. Eliza and I was proud of her end results, although I helped her quite a bit. She still doesn't know how to use the scissors. But she managed to paint the plate and stick the hat, eyes..etc.

Looking forward to another craft project with her..:)

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