Monday, April 13, 2009

Over the weekend

Over the weekend...

On Friday night, I told Lil' dahling that I'm going to take her to Gymboree just to get her to get things done. It really got her to change her pjs, brush her teeth, drink her milk but she got all excited and couldn't fall asleep. So she was terrorizing the bed and got me annoyed. I have to scold her many times until she finally co-operate.

On Saturday, she still remembers the Gymboree thingy and reminded us many times. I wonder if she would still be as enthusiastic as this come primary school. Took her for a swim in the morning and she was all excited. Took out her favourite Pooh bear swimming suit by herself and squealed all the way to the pool. When I wanted to take her out of the pool she said "go swimming!" So had to remind her about Gymboree again and then only she co-operate. She wanted to walk straight to the car in her swimming suit and float but I told her she can't go to Gymboree like that! LOL.

At Gymboree she didn't want to go back. Crying and screaming when we had to carry her out of that place. Really embarassing. I think the only child that does that. Others don't want to leave but they don't cry and scream. After a tiring day, she fell asleep while holding my hand at night on our beds.

On Easter Sunday morning, lil' dahling said "change clothes already!" This girl really is a 'kaki jalan' and my husband said she took it after me. So we went to church and she somehow knows that we are going to church because she said this in the car. "In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit..Amen!" I was impressed.

At home before the afternoon nap, I pretended to sleep hoping that she would fall asleep soon too. I was wearing a singlet and was sleeping on my side. So I guess part of my breasts were exposed. She said "nen nen" and then poked my breast with added sound effects, "toing toing". I was trying hard not to laugh but where did she learn all this? *shaking my head*


  1. Wah, really didn't know that she so kaki jalan and enjoys gymboree so much. Wasn't this what you wanted? At least she is enthusiastic about it right? If not, you spend so much money and yet you have to drag her there. Very funny about the toing toing thingy...haha

  2. yeah, weekends for her is like a gateway to freedom. Yeah I wanted her to enjoy gymboree but didn't expect to drag her out of that place. haha. funny huh? that toing toing thingy. kids these days.

  3. Did you take a photo of her in the blue dress I gave her? Show me la..

  4. Toing toing?! lol WTH? lol. Maybe she learned it from Yap! lol. Note to self, Toing Toing Her susu when we meet. lol

    Kaki jalan must be genetic trait! lol. So what did she inherit from Yap? Oh I know! the ability to give a fake smile! lol



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