Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 months already

I'm already 6 months pregnant. And before you know it, soon baby no. 2 will arrive. I have mix feelings about this. Of course I am truly happy to have another baby but I am pretty anxious too about what the future holds. Will I be able to handle two kids? Will I be a good mother since I will have two children to pay attention? Will I even be a good wife? Will I still have time to cook? Will I have enough money to raise two kids? Any Malaysians could relate to this because it is really not cheap to raise a child.

With all those questions aside, I'm actually doing not too bad now. No more morning sickness. I get hungry easily and baby is growing fast even though some still say my belly is cute. I think I'm starting to swell too. I can see my nose is growing sideways. Haha. Oh no! I really dread for this to happen. I'll look like a pig! I won't look like me. The little one inside me is also getting stronger. Doing some acrobatics, some scratching and some kicking inside of me. I think this one's more active!

Eliza instead seems to be wanting more attention. Her bedtime is getting later and later. Very playful and wants both parents to sleep at the same time as her. She'll hold both of our hands and bring us in the room. So her father couldn't even watch any TV. Haha. And when we talk, she'll talk even louder. Makes it a little hard for us to have a decent conversation. She's getting so adorable too. She can recognize very well the one and only colour..PINK! Must be a girly girl. LOL. She will tell you, "pink colour, pink colour". Her recognition for other colours still need some brushing up. Haha. Sometimes she gets them right and sometimes she don't.

My husband is more protective now that I'm pregnant. He wants me to call when I reached home. If possible, he won't allow me to go anywhere alone or even with Eliza. I can't even bring Eliza to Gymboree by myself! But I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. He did a sweet and touching thing the other day. I told him that I need to buy some buns for my breakfast the next morning because I have my monthly pre-natal check up the next morning. So I won't have time to eat my breakfast. He called me back a few moments later to tell me that he already bought the buns and I don't have to get them on my way back home. I was really happy and touched because at least the thought and effort was there. I told him when he came home that I was touched and he utterred, "you are my wife mar." LOL.

Here are some images and videos.

At Lake Titiwangsa. Photo was taken in February.

It was windy, so I bought this thing for her. Don't know what are they called.

She must have a go on this whenever she spots them at the mall.

Vainpot wearing sunglasses at night.

Even with fever, she still wants to have a ride. Before you scold me for being a bad mom taking her to the mall even with a fever, we had to because my in-laws were around. So we took them out for dinner.

Look like an expert but can one drive with two steering wheels?

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  1. I'm sure u will be able to handle with 2 kids. I think you are a great mom and wife. :)



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