Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm officially another year older. Gosh can't believe we're getting older and older. But I still feel young at heart as always..:P

This year, I received 2 bouquet of flowers from my two very dear friends. The two friends that are always so thoughtful and caring towards me. The two very consistent friends in my life. :) Without them, I think my life would be empty. They make me feel honoured and very thankful to have them as my friends.

The beautiful bouquet of flowers :)

My husband was as usual very workaholic so I didn't expect any surprise at all on that day. But he surprised me with a call while I was driving home to say that he was on the way back and suggested we eat out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. So we had a wonderful meal at a fushion restaurant. Of course Eliza tagged along. Too bad I didn't take pictures. He wanted to buy a cake but I said it's not necessary. And he still owe me my birthday present. Hahah.

My colleagues also celebrated a belated birthday for me together with my boss whose birthday also falls a few days after mine. So the mini party was a nice surprise complete with birthday cake, fried beehoon, fried chicken, some kuihs and drinks.

One of the best present this year I think is when my husband asked Eliza to sing the birthday song to me. It was so sweet and I especially love the part when she sang "Happy birthday to mommy.." I should've got it recorded. Hehe.

Thank you everyone for giving me a memorable birthday..:)


  1. sweet! Wish that I could have heard it too if you had recorded it. Never mind, there is always next year :) Glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Thanks sunsetrose for the lovely flowers..:)



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