Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading Is A Good Habit

Yes, reading is a good habit right? My girl is quite a bookworm and now my boy has more interest in books compared to before. Hopefully he will become a bookworm like his sister also. Maybe he will once he knows how to read more words. 

Two videos here that are precious to me and I post it up for memories since I have a memory of a goldfish. :D

Happy Friday!


  1. Indeed it is a good habit. My boy loves to read, but my girl not really into it. I hope one day, she too will enjoy reading just like her brother.

  2. Reading is definitely a good habit...

  3. I always tell Ethan reading is GOOOOOOD! But I tell you, you won't caught ME reading. The only thing I read is blog! Hahaha...



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