Thursday, January 10, 2013

Drawing Circles

My little boy Joseph can draw circles already! You know with two kids in tow, sometimes some minor milestones nearly go unnoticed. Especially with the second child. The first child usually gets more observation from us because back then, we only have one child to look after. 

Anyways, when did he started drawing circles, I'm not sure. But all of a sudden that day he whipped out his doodle toy and started drawing circles. Then he proudly showed it to me saying, "Mummy! Look, circle!" What else, I whipped out my camera lah. The doodle toy comes together with a book. He tried to copy the picture with quite an impressive outcome. Considering he hardly draws at home. From my recollection, I think his sister draws more at his age. 

Doodling for the camera.

Proudly showing to the camera.

Trying to copy Lenny the Binoculars from Toy Story.
Then big sister wants attention and wants to join in too. So she started drawing space like planets and stars. She requested for her picture to be taken also. LOL. Kids, always want attention from their parents huh?

This is her version of Earth, Saturn and Moon. Hehe.

Now with other planets and stars even snowflakes. Look! She even wrote her name in chinese. I'm so proud of her. Thanks to Papa for making her practice during the holidays before school starts. 
On the other hand, Joseph's potty training has shown progress despite me being lazier the second time around. I was not as hard on him as I was with his sister. I haven't been using a diaper during his afternoon nap for already a few months. I didn't keep track of how many months exactly. He can now go to the bathroom to pee and even flush by himself. 

There's good news too in the poo project. It's been a few months too that he is brave enough to tell us he wants to poo. Now he sits on his throne with an additional baby toilet seat on the toilet bowl. Poos without fuss now. Previously, he used to be scared of the toilet bowl and wants to quickly come down. He used to suppress his poo from coming out too and waits until we put on his diaper at night, then he'll do his business. Got me so frustrated. Now when I put him up on his throne to poo, he'll say, "Mummy go, don't see me!" And I'll just leave him alone until he calls me to clean up for him. How cute and konon like an adult. As for the night time diapers, I still don't have the confidence to let him be diaper free. Some night he's dry but some nights his diaper is still wet. I hope diaper free nights will be here soon.

Joseph is 3 years and 6 months while Elizabeth is 6 years and 2 months.  



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