Friday, January 18, 2013

Bento Workshop

This is an overdue post but I'll just talk about it anyway for memories sake. Last December, I signed up for a Bento workshop since it was the school holidays. Joseph was too young to join so I only brought Elizabeth along. I was searching for information on a preschool and it brought me to this website That's when I found out that the blog owner, Goh Ai Ping was an avid bento maker and she also started conducting some bento workshops. I was interested at once and signed up for one of her Christmas Themed Bento Workshops.

Elizabeth was excited to go to the workshop and actually she was not the only one. I was excited too. Haha. It was a small group of us as it was nearing Christmas and most people are away for holidays. Ai Ping was a very nice and pleasant instructor. She made sure we understand and follow her workshop at a comfortable pace. 

It was interesting and fun to learn how to do a bento and I think anybody can do it. You just need to be creative and have a lot of patience! Haha. I don't think I will have the patience to do it everyday as it can be quite tedious especially when you have pay attention to tiny details like doing the eyes or mouth. Children would enjoy doing it too. It's like playtime for them!

After doing the bento herself, she was quite anxious to try eating it. That's why bento works for some kids right? Hehe. To make it as appealing and appetising as can be right? The best is I made her happy that day. :)

I've bought some stuff for bento making actually before attending the workshop but I haven't gotten around to do it. After attending this bento workshop, I am inspired and I think I know where and how to start and go about it now..:)

Ai Ping and some friends have even started a facebook page and they are venturing into catering for  kids parties. You can check it out at their facebook page at Food Carpenter (Not a sponsored post, just sharing).

The ingredients and stuff needed plus the two cute food containers!

This is Ai Ping, the avid bento maker. Hehe. 

Elizabeth looking excited. We used Japanese rice and make the rice into a ball. Rice was mixed with soya sauce as a natural food colouring.

We managed to do Santa! 

We also learned how to do Rudolf the red nose reindeer and Frosty the snowman. The picture with the wincing snowman and reindeer are actually Ai Ping's. So pro right?

Participants so proud with their masterpiece! Pass ah? Haha.

This is the guru's masterpiece. We also learned to do Santa's stockings.

Ai Ping and the participants for the Christmas Themed Bento Workshop.


  1. I like to see all those lovely bentos, but haven't got the creativity to get a bento done :D

  2. This was such a nice workshop. I would like to attend this type of workshop with my two girls too.

  3. This workshop is so fun! I also would love to attend!

  4. I love this workshop.Having so much of fun creating cute and delicious bento!

  5. gorgeous creations! I've never heard of Bento till your post. Am I behind time? haha.. Great job. :)

  6. aww, this is so much fun :) would love to check this out next time :P



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