Friday, September 2, 2011

Dog Lover

Last Saturday, we went to visit a friend's newborn baby boy. They have a pet dog. So guess who was the most excited to see the dog? My lil' dahling, Joseph. He was touching it. Chasing after it. Trying to play with the dog. He followed the dog everywhere. We didn't know that he is such a dog lover. Or was it a dog bully? LOL. The poor dog seemed traumatised. But it was nice to see him getting up close and personal with the dog.

Sorry for the blurry picture. They were moving so quickly around.

Joseph's new found friend, the dog. LOL. He is not even interested in the little girl.

Poor dog is saying LET ME OUT! Joseph is saying PLEASE KISS ME!

Not a nice shot again but Joseph is begging for the dog to play with him.

After all the chasing, he fainted fell asleep in the car on the way home.

My lil' dahling princess is so dainty even in sleep. LOL.


  1. hahah, he's so curious about the dog! and ur little princess is so pretty with pink nail colours and mary-jane shoes. :) have a lovely weekend

  2. Hi Carol, love the pics here. You take very creative photos.
    Ya, get your boy a dog....he'll learn to enjoy animals...
    Have a great week and keep well.
    Best regards.

  3. LOL, you should get them a pet dog, then you can guarantee to hv some quite moment after thy tired playing and chasing the little pup, lol!

  4. That is one cute little poodle - no wonder your boy was so fascinated with it.
    Love the pictures of your sleeping kids! SO funny!

  5. Ben once sat on this hugeeee labrador like it was a toy -_-

    Btw, check out my Spicy Baby's picture in my blog :) Take care, won't be blogging much for now!

  6. Carol, I love watching my son sleep when he was little. Looks like you enjoy watching your kiddies sleep too. If your boy loves dog, get him one, having a pet teaches a child the responsibility of caring for another life and dogs makes the best companion. I LOVE mu Ruby, she is so loyal and very sensitive to my feelings. She is always by my side and she gives me so much joy!

  7. Your princess is a vain pot, nail polish, bracelet, pretty shoes and socks, a very lady like posture. She is like a real princess, Carol.

  8. da dog is sooooooooooo cute! but no matter how cute a dog is, i still dun like to go near. haha..

  9. your boy is like my girls. get him a dog. :)



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