Thursday, September 15, 2011

Frolicking At The Beach

I know this is a long post overdue but I only have the time to share about it now. The pictures I'm sharing were taken during the long Raya break. We went back to my hometown in Malacca and went to the Tanjung Kling beach just to let the kids have fun at the beach. It's not the cleanest beach around but it's the closest we can find. At least the beach is not a reclaim land or it's not blocked by huge rocks. Even some parts of the klebang beach is now blocked by huge rocks that you can't dip your feet in the sea.

Since it's the raya holidays, the beach was not crowded and there were only chinese people! The last time I went, there were quite many people of all races. Haha. The weather was gloomy so it was quite a nice weather to be at the beach especially when you're afraid of getting sunburn. So the kids had fun playing with the sand, building sand castles, wading in the sea water and just letting the waves splash at their legs. A relaxing holiday indeed.

Elizabeth is not afraid of the sand anymore but still do not want to take off her shoes.

Joseph enjoys scooping the sand.

Filling up the bucket with sand to build a sand castle.

Joseph: Hey, where have you been all this while, long lost brother(the sea)?

Hand in hand entering the sea water. Joseph is looking eager while big sister Elizabeth is about to raise the white flag.

He was delighted and got his pants all wet, so I took it off and let him enjoy the splashing of the water

Taken from afar. Spot the kids?
After playing enough with water he started playing with sand. I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish with that position. LOL. But look at his diapers all filled with sea water!


  1. Hahah! That pose is so funny! Like he's trying to do a Bruce Lee Kung Fu stance!
    Oh you Melaka girl ah? I love Melaka - the history and the food!

  2. Love the last pic! The sea filled diapers! Hahaha...

    Btw, thanks for your support and prayers!

  3. Sand play at the beach is always fun for kids. The last picture is very funny.

  4. LOL, look likw the kida had another wonderful trip! Btw, who are the 2 big boys that taking care of your little ones? Your nephews?

  5. The kids are having so much fun and I am sure you were so glad you took them to the beach. When the kids are happy, Mummy even more happy ya? I love the last photo of Joseph! A million dollars pose!! hehe

  6. ah... beautiful! I go back malacca once a month yet have never been here, officially i mean.. pass by, stop by a minute got lah :D

  7. oh my goodness, love that diaper picture! haha... I once took my girl to a stream with diapers, when she was littler, and that diaper eventually BURST! haha.. surprise that didn't happen with yours. :)



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