Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Sister

Elizabeth is now officially a big sister. She didn't really know how to react when she first saw her brother. Even referred her brother as "baby". Slowly but surely I think it began to dawn on her that this "baby" is staying for good. She needs to be reminded to call this "baby" didi.

She doesn't show hatred towards her brother but you can tell she's jealous when she wants attention and she wants it like NOW! Even though didi is crying and needs my attention. But it's not that bad. She still kisses and smell her little brother and makes funny 'geram' sounds when she touches her little brother. Watch the video below!


  1. So cute lah Elizabeth, making the geram noises, singing, etc. She not camera shy hor?

  2. mar. Not shy in front of the camera but sometimes shy in front of ppl

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