Sunday, August 2, 2009

Joseph is baptized!

Joseph is baptized today at the St. Francis Xavier Church in Malacca, one month after his birth. Little fellow still doesn't know anything but never mind dear, mommy has pictures and this blog for you to look back.

It was much easier this time to get him baptized compared to his sister. I think it depends on the priest from different churches. Some of them are more strict. Elizabeth had to wait until she was 4 month old to get baptized. So I'm thankful that I can quickly get it done before my maternity leave was over.

It was quite a surprised to see many babies baptized on the same day because when Elizabeth was baptized, there were only two babies including Elizabeth. Joseph's god father was my cousin, William. It was nice of him to agree to be Joseph's god father on such a short notice. I was anxious that Joseph would act up in church because the church can be hot. But thankfully he was pretty good most of the time except for milk time.

So yay! If next time hubby doesn't want to go church with me when I'm old, wrinkly and wobbly, I can always count on these two to bring old mommy to church. Haha.

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