Monday, November 3, 2008

Early birthday celebration

Last weekend, I went back to sweet home Malacca. The plan was to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday earlier before her real birthday on the 6 November with my family.

My sister bought Eliza a cake. She asked me a few days before and I wanted a Winnie the Pooh head shaped cake. But the lousy cake shop said they only have the full body size mould for the cake. I didn't want that because then it would be too huge. So they recommended a normal round sponge cake with a picture of pooh bear on top of the cake. But I was disappointed when I collected the cake because it turned out that the picture on top of the cake wasn't just pooh bear alone but along with other winnie the pooh cartoon characters! The pooh bear in fact was so tiny that Eliza didn't notice it at first. What a disappointment! I'm going to ban that cake shop for any cartoon cake orders in the future!

Eliza was the last to wake up that day! But it was ok, at least we all have time to have our breakfast. Everyone got ready and changed our clothes to be photo ready including the main actress of the day. She was happy to be on her brand new tricycle, present from her grandparents. She was also happy to play with her new toy drum, present from her aunt. Then I took out the cake, lighted up the candles, sang the birthday song and helped her to blow the candles. Of course we took pictures too!

We went out after that and after sending off my sister to work, we went to one of the most photo worthy spot in Malacca, the Stadhuys. Hehe. After many years being a Malaccan, I can't remember the last time I've been there. I think it was many years ago before I got married and went there to have cendol with some friends. We took some pictures and I was impressed that the Malacca River sidewalks were revamped. The riverside were really clean and the river doesn't smell bad already. And I heard the place is really lovely at night too.

Then we went to Mahkota Parade to shop. And later headed to Melaka Raya for lunch at Simply Fish. (Thanks to kreazi and sunsetrose recommendation). Lunch was simply quite delicious. I bragged to my husband that not bad for Malacca standard to have this kind of restaurant and it's better than Seremban. He just rolled his eyes. He was very sly too. He ordered, in my opinion the best dish among us. His dish came with prawns, squid, fish, butter rice and salad. It's even cheaper than my dish! I ordered salmon topped with salsa sauce, salad and chips. My nephews were happy with their fried country chicken chop and my dad ordered a salmon teriyaki dish. My mom was the only one not too happy with her dish. Hers was salmon alfredo pasta. She said the salmon was too salty for her and the sauce too creamy. LOL. I also forgot lil' dahling who was just happy munching chips out of my plate.

She was already sleepy and tired that she fell asleep in the car. Thank goodness she continued sleeping for two hours after we placed her on the bed when we got home. There will be one more mini birthday party among ourselves this coming thursday, on Eliza's real birthday early in the morning because my husband couldn't take leave on that day. Shucks! So look out for that and till then enjoy these videos.


  1. Elizabeth is so cute! I like the two clips on her hair and she really has a lot of pink baju hor. So nice to see her enjoying her birthday presents and I know why you feel disappointed with the cake. The picture of winnie the pooh so small only. I think the other characters are bigger than the pooh bear, haha. Never mind, there is still next year.

  2. time you got some pu==y play little one, I want you naked so I can just adore your little body, naked toddlers are soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, I put my finger in your lovely warm, tight, squishy p-ssy and work it good, you kick and giggle then I lay you down spread your legs and suck your p-ssy to baby orgasm, that sweet , tight pu==y is mine now until 13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!



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