Monday, October 6, 2008

A Girl With Attitude, Leaves Dad Heartbroken

I've been missing in action for weeks. I hope no one has stop visiting. :P There's many reasons behind my absence. For one, I'm experiencing a "blogger's block". My friend created this brilliant phrase. Another reason is there has been some changes going through my life. I still need time adjusting and am still trying very hard. It was devastating news but somehow I need to come to terms with it. Another reason is I was hooked on a hk drama I've been watching online and finally finished it.

Anyway, the main reason of me blogging is to keep myself updated with the things going on in my life with my lil' dahling. So far, lil' dahling has reached a few milestones worthy of mentioning here like doing her business in the potty. Just look at that cheeky face and sexy shoulder!

This video shows how excited she was when I wanted to bring her for a swim.

Lil' dahling also just recovered from fever and flu. Even though down with fever, she's still chatter away and active. She now allows me to wipe her nose whenever she has runny nose. She used to hate it and avoid me last time when she was a few months younger. Here's her picture of her pitiful face when she was sick. I still took her out galavanting anyways. Hey! It's the holidays, don't blame me. We can't just stay at home. Moreover, she enjoys it so much anyways.

During her sick days, she was more 'manja' than usual. So this is what you get. A sleeping-on-mom or dad's-chest baby.

Oh yes and another milestone. I just discovered lil' dahling knows how to use the cup to drink already. Though there were many spills, that's why I didn't dare to let her try before this. I just suddenly had the urge to let her try during this long break and she did it!

I am so happy that lil' dahling is finally letting her hair down in her Gymboree classes. She's participating in every activity! Woo hoo! I'm so relieved and so proud of her. It just suddenly happen during her 3rd class. During her first two classes, she picked to do certain activity and screamed whenever she doesn't want to participate. I tried my best to encourage her and assure her that I'm with her and that she's perfectly safe. Finally she relented and what reward did she get? Praises from her teacher. Praises, hugs and kisses from her mommy. I'm ecstatically happy and I think she's ready for her music classes at Gymboree. Yipee!

Lil' dahling has suddenly become so attached to me. She's so sticky like a glue until sometimes I can't breathe. But better appreciate it now before they get bigger and feel embarrass to be close to their mom. She's so in love with me that she follows me everywhere in the house. Sometimes she doesn't allow me to bathe or pee. Sometimes I even have to let her in the bathroom and let her watch me bathe or pee! So this girl with attitude, made her dad heartbroken because she only wants me. She only wants me to feed her, bathe her, change her clothes..everything lah! Her longing father can only watch in sadness. She calls me lovingly whenever she feels like it and I will respond to her. Sounds like we're lovers right? LOL.

This little girl would ask for her toothbrush whenever she sees us brushing our teeth. She would ask for her hair to be combed after bath and her hair must always be decorated after combing. If you decline, she gets angry. Such a vain girl at this age. I took her to church the other day and let her wear her hat while we were walking under the sun. So I took it off once we entered the church but she demanded it to be put back on her head. It can be quite hot in the church and I know that she was sweating but vanity got the best of her. LOL. She also picks her own shoes and sandals now to go out. She would make a fuss if you never follow her command. Now she's choosing her shoes, next what? Dress? She'll also gets angry when you channel surf while she's watching her Playhouse Disney. I experimented it yesterday..:P

That's all folks. Quite a long post to make up for my absence..hehe.


  1. wah, seems like lil'dahling has really grown up a lot since the last time you blogged. I'm sure you are a very proud and happy mum with her milestones. Has she recovered from her flu?

  2. not fully recovered yet but she's much better. her voice is still "sexy". LOL.

  3. love to take her to potty, lock the door and have fun with her



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