Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weaning From The Pacifier

Yesterday was the 3rd night my daughter was off her pacifier. And it was the worst night instead. I thought it would get better but seems like I was wrong. However, I think I will still persevere and harden my heart until she totally wean herself from the pacifier.

I decided to stop lil' dahling from the pacifier since a few months ago but thought it would be too difficult for her to cope and understand. Initially, I gave myself till her 2nd birthday as the deadline. But recently, her both pacifier at the babysitter's and at home broke. So I took that as a chance for her to stop using the pacifier to sleep. I showed her that the pacifier is broken and explained to her that it is already spoiled and cannot be used. So I asked her to take and throw it in the wastepaper basket because she knows that anything that goes in the wastepaper basket is to be disposed.

The first day was not too bad. She cried a little and then kept crawling down the bed to retrieve the pacifier from the wastepaper basket. But I stopped her and explained over and over again. So in the end, she fell asleep on my chest. The 2nd day was not much different than the 1st just that she didn't crawl down the bed this time. She must've thought that the pacifier is not around anymore since I've thrown away the rubbish and replace the wastepaper basket with a new plastic. Little did she know that while she was sleeping, I went to dig it out again and hide it in the drawer. Just incase.

But yesterday she went beserk. I think she couldn't hold it any longer. Maybe her tolerance level is already off limit. LOL. She refused to go to bed. Screaming, kicking and crying fit ensued. I nearly wanted to give in but she fell asleep in the end out of tiredness I guess. Then at 1-ish A.M. she woke up and cried because she pooped in her diapers. After changing and fussing, she was ready to sleep again. She had difficulty falling asleep and kept tossing and turning. Then she lost her temper again and screamed. She's angry that she can't have her pacifier. Persuading her was no use. I got fed up and turned my back on her and covered my ears with the pillow. So finally she stopped because she was tired already. I felt bad so I turned back towards her and carress her to sleep. She managed to open her eyes and look up at me and called "Mommy?" Oooo touching.

But seriously, if any mommies out there. I hope you can share with me your experience on how you tackle this issue. I really would like to know. Hopefully she will be ok in a matter of days. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. I dunno if this helps, but my niece got off the pacifier quite early. I was surprised that she didn't make a fuss. Her mum simply rubbed a little bit of garlic and stuffs on it, just a little bit, and tell her that the pacifier busuk or spoil oredi... when she tried to suck, eh, betul-betul different bau oredi, so she also agreed to throw it away. I was surprised that she didn't request the mum to buy a new one though! That is one thing. But the bantal busuk - this one cannot discard at all!!!!

  2. LOL. Bantal busuk is still ok lar. Thanks for the tip though. That was what my mom did to me actually. She put tiger balm. Haha. But at that time how old was your niece?

  3. Definitely older than lil'dahling lar.. I think it was somewhere in between 2-3 years old. Before that, everytime go out have to bring milk bottle, bantal busuk and pacifier. Whenever she wanna drink milk or sleep, MUST have pacifier and bantal busuk!

  4. I was having major problems with my son's binky addiction! My friend absolutely raved about the cut method, and all of the psychology behind it. She emailed me a link to a site that has a free publication ( -supported by advertisements) on dropping the binky, so I tried it. Very cool stuff, worked beautifully for my son. Four days later he did not want anything to do with his binky. Highly recommended! I am also interested in others experiences with this method.... Bella



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