Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing - Part 1

1. I was talking to my husband who was in the kitchen. I was walking into the kitchen with Lil' dahling following behind.

Me: Pa pa, you cook ah.

Lil' dahling: Pa pa..you..cook..AH!

The imitator.

2. I was showing a flashcard to Lil' dahling. It was the word and picture of a body with an arrow pointing to the armpit.

Me: Armpit.

Lil' dahling: Aa pit!

Then I showed a flashcard of a cat.

Me: Cat.

Lil' dahling: Cat! Cat! Now, now, now, now..(erm it's actually meow, meow, meow, meow. Please excuse her pronunciation. LOL.)

Me: Yes, clever girl.

Lil' dahling: There..see..aa pit!

As you can see, I've drawn the arrow at the cat's armpit. That was where she pointed. I couldn't stop laughing because I didn't teach her that.

3. When lil' dahling sees grey skies, she'll say "xia yu" even though it hasn't rain. And when the real rain comes, she'll get even more excited and say "xia yu! xia yu oh!" Repeating many, many times.

After coming out from the car at the parking lot, we can usually hear water gushing from the swimming pool. Guess what she said? Yes .. "Neh..xia yu oh!"

4. Lil' dahling has a new found love..for Yakult! I don't know who taught her that word because I didn't. But she will say "Aa kult" when she sees a bottle of Yakult.

Husband: Want to give her Y..A..K..U..L..T?

Me: Bring it out from the fridge and put aside first. Otherwise, it will be too cold for her.

A few minutes later, silly me forgot to spell it out.

Me: Did you bring out the Yakult? Maybe you can give it to her now.

Lil' dahling: Aa kult? Aa kult! Aa kult!

Darn, she heard it. Her ears is like telinga gajah.

This is how excited she is drinking Yakult.


5. My husband was reading the newspaper and I saw a picture of an Iphone. So I told my husband..

Me: There, that's the Iphone I was talking about. Look very cool isn't it?

Lil' dahling: Neh eye..eye!

Ran to her father and point at his eye and then ran to me and point at my eye. Lastly pointing to her own eye.

She's such a real kepochi. Listening to every bit of our conversation and I didn't even say eye. She just heard the "I" when I mentioned Iphone. *faint*


  1. LOL aapit! So very attentive!!! And if she saw the Ice Queen ketiak back in college, she would say JUNGLE lol.

    Wah! Can clean up some more!! Such a good girl!! and Damn I love your kitchen!! Very modern oh! I like the cabinets very much!!

  2. I had to switch her attention to clean up. Otherwise she'll ask for more Yakult!

    You love my kitchen? Alah. Cheap one. Only got bottom cabinets. No top wall cabinets.

  3. Good distracting tactic! lol

    Aiyah, for my height would be fine just the bottom cabinets! At the stores I have to look around for a tall stock boy to get me stuff on the top shelf! lol



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