Thursday, June 26, 2008


All the people in the house say "whoa", "yeah, yeah!" LOL. Finally I'm back. I've chased the blues away. (By the way, sunsetrose, that song Blue+blue, heartache+heartache reminds me of that canteen man, I think I've told you before and thanks to you the song is in my head now)

What's there to update? Lil' dahling is fine. Still won't drink her milk. She used to drink like 3 times a day but now it's gone down to 2. My husband is busy as usual with work. My boss left already. No promotion yet. Then I've been blue. And I've been busy with work. The week after my boss left, everyone in my department was like in a dazed. Lost..But when the reality sinks in slowly I've begin to accept that she is gone. I'm fine now, don't worry. But I'm still sad my promotion is non existence. Waaa

Yesterday, I felt much better after the confrontation with my two dearest friends. I just felt so sensitive nowadays. I felt neglected and felt like our conversations were getting less and less. But I'm glad we've already cleared things up. Looking forward to see you this weekend my dear.

The other person that I've confronted is my colleague. We have grown from just colleagues to being very close friends and this friendship means a lot to me also. She is a very helpful and thoughtful person. Just today she brought me to a car workshop to repair my car. She even cancelled her breakfast appointment with her friend. I confronted her because I felt hurt by her words. But I've already cleared that up also with her and today everything is back to normal again. (Don't worry I still "sayang" you les)

It's good to get things off your chest. Feels so much lighter. Maybe we should not take life too seriously but of course it's not easy not be serious with our life especially with a family now.

I'm not working tomorrow because my best friend's coming! Enjoy the weekend everyone and thanks for dropping by. Sorry for the absence.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see


  1. Hey lil' dahling, glad that you've cheered up! I supposed when life is at the "downside", all things seem to go wrong in our eyes. Don't worry, it's only temporary. You'll see the blue sky again soon :) Enjoy the long awaited weekend!

  2. Glad that life is back to normal for you. Looking forward to this weekend too! Life is good when you have good friends to share your ups and downs with. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with me and really sorry if I made you feel neglected.

  3. Thanks so much for your encouraging words su yin. Truly appreciate it. Sorry I called you at the last minute, if not we could've met up.

    It's ok sunsetrose. We had a fun weekend anyway right? I think that made up for everything else..hehe.

  4. No worries lil dahling... coz my life has its fair share of "down" moments, we're all human after all, right.. it's okay about last Saturday, we can always arrange to meet up again some time soon :)

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  6. Yo Lil' Larling... don't have ideas to write... but still want to post some comments...with my F9 english... hehehe.. u mean so much to me.. i really treasure our short get to know friendship... got scared that when i felt u were hurt.. scared of loosing you... u made a promise to me... dun wana loose u.. sayang u like hell!! Muaah!!!



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