Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joseph is 4!

Another year, another birthday. Joseph is 4 today. Happy birthday my cute one!

Here are pics of his birthday celebration done in school.

Is that a 1 Malaysia finger sign? 

Joseph and his classmates.

Birthday boy and his friends.

Happy dimpled birthday boy with his ice cream cake.

Happy birthday dearest Joseph! We're so thankful to have you in our lives. May your life be always bright and breezy! Looking forward to celebrate many more of your birthdays to come! Hugs and kisses. Love you.


  1. Time flies..soon your boy will be teenager.. hahaha... Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Belated B'day to Joseph. How time flies ya.... Kids sure excited to celebrate their b'day in school with their friends.

  3. Happy belated birthday Joseph. Your party pack looks very nice!

  4. Happy Birthday Joseph. He's four, but he sure looks older tahn that. :)

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