Friday, April 19, 2013

Proud Of My Girl

Yesterday my daughter brought back her results for her Chinese test. I didn't even know it's exam time, yo! Nor does Elizabeth knows it's exam time too. We were very sick one week and she missed school for a few days. So maybe she might have missed the announcement. 

Anyway, I'm so proud that I had to include the event of this proud moment in my blog. She got 100% for her Chinese test. From a girl who speaks English at home, I think she's done a great job. We were worried and she was also worried herself that she would face difficulty in school. But she made it. I'm so happy for her. 

I went through her paper and I can only read some of the Chinese characters. She can read all. Now, she's officially better than me. Haha. I hope it's a smooth journey for her from now in her Chinese subject. :)


  1. Pat Pat Elizabeth for the good job done!

  2. Well done ! A good start for her.

    My son did received notice on examinations but only for primary 4,5,6. The rest will only have exams in this coming May.

  3. I'm more impressed on her colouring. She has so much time to do shading somemore!!!

  4. Hi, not sure you still remember me....anyway, just dropped by say hello.
    Congrats to your daughter.
    My one regret young days was not learning Chinese. And where I am Cantonese/Mandarin now the second language, Everywhere we go we hear Mandarin being spoken.....due the influx of Chinese immigrants from China past 6 years.

    Anyway, here it's children of Chinese parents born here now learning Chinese, read, writing as many can't speak Chinese.
    Have a fun weekend, keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.



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