Thursday, June 21, 2012

While Papa Was Away Part 2

Continuation from the previous post, Elizabeth doesn't nap in the afternoons during weekend. Even though I tried to make her nap, she would resist it. Maybe she wants to be with me as much as possible. Muahaha..:P So to while away the time, I told her to do some colouring. She has so many colouring books and she hasn't even finished colouring some of them. She did some puzzles also in her activity books.

Can you see that pink hairband there with two stars? It belongs to me you know? I've kept it for many years and now pass it down to my daughter. Old things really can last long eh?
We also did Nutella Fudgesicles! I found it through Babycenter. We loved it! Although it will get messy where kids are concern but worth a try.

The recipe calls for hazelnut chocolate milk but I couldn't find it at the stores so I just settled with normal full cream milk. Tasted good too. You can also use chocolate milk if you want. That's one cup of full cream milk.

Pour the milk in a bowl.

Scoop about 1/4 cup Nutella.

Whisk together the milk and Nutella. I don't have a whisk so I just use spoon.

Pour mixture into the popsicle mould. Put it in the freezer overnight. We shall see the kids' reaction in the next post. :)
Then the kids sang nursery rhymes and goofed around. Not forgetting reading before bedtime. Hope you'll enjoy the videos.


  1. Don't care what were you doing, as long as you spent quality time with the kids, they sure happy and love you.

  2. So rajin Elizabeth make popsicles. I wanna have some too. So panas these days!

  3. really keep your things very well.. now your kids can wear them.. :)

    1. Not all. She inherit some of my clothes and books so far.



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