Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Madagascar 3 in Pavilion

I thought we wouldn't be able to make it for this event because we had to go back to hubby's hometown in Seremban last weekend. But since yours truly is efficient here (ahem!), I packed our bags in quite a jiffy and so we had time to make a pit stop to Pavilion before heading back to Seremban. We were there about 11-ish in the morning, not too early and not too late. We can hear that the Madagascar 3 event had already started while we were heading straight there. And not surprisingly that the crowd was already starting to build up.

There was a fashion show competition going on when we arrived.

There's about 3 mini carousel there. It will never go wrong with kids.

Those Madagascar soft toys are so cute. But it doesn't come cheap! The smallest size ones are selling for about RM59!

1. Balloon Buzz's booth but I didn't get anything for the kids. Luckily they didn't ask for anything also. Phew! :P
2. Mr. Hammer there at the back but the kids didn't say they want to try. Phew again. :P 

Quite a good job they did here with the balloons to form into Gloria the hippo. But I still feel a bit squirmish looking at all the tiny tiny balloons. It looks like she has giant warts. Hahah.

Yes, I can see they are penguins but doesn't really resemble the Madagascar penguins. Not a really good job here. Skipper!

It's all here. See the crowd increasing? Oh we got popcorns from Planet Popcorn, one of the booth there. But I still think Garret is better.:D

More pix with the balloons and the soft toys. Joseph already hitting the balloon animals and I was worried because the sign says "once broken considered sold". Joseph enjoyed kissing the Alex the lion. haha.

Joseph kissing Marty the zebra this time. Then taking a pic with their favourite character Alex.

The kids were interested to try this trampoline. Elizabeth was a little nervous at first but she had a blast jumping.

Joseph jumped for a while and then asked his Papa to swing him instead. All the time until time was up!

The ticket costed RM15 and it comes with a complimentary photo. :) We got the photo instantly even before the ride was over!

'Meet the Penguins' session. We didn't want to make another bee line after that trampoline one. So just seeing them from afar would be enough.
It was quite a fun outing for the kids although we had to wait in line for the trampoline ride. The children having a blast is of utmost importance isn't it? We are thinking of maybe catching the movie as a family if Joseph can behave. Cross our fingers! ;)


  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog. What a great event at Pavilion. Your kids are so brave to try out the trampoline.

    Hope you can catch Madagascar 3 as a family.

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for dropping by too. :) The bungee trampoline is not too bad once you're on it. Your girl can do it also.

  2. wow, looks like a madagascar carnival going on there. your comment about tiny warts crack me up!

    1. have you caught the movie? heard that it's good although i haven't went to watch it. planning to.



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