Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eliza and her pillow

Aww...aren't they adorable? Eliza wanted to sleep on my bed with Joseph. Both ended up sleeping facing away from each other. Like a couple after a fight. I hope they both will grow up and continue to be close to each other. Otherwise there will be more headache for me if they fight often.

Eliza is very much in love with her pillow. As you can see, she needs it for sleeping. And when she's not sleeping she will hold on to it any moment she can get. She'll smell it or kiss it or even make funny noises.

So one day she told me, "Mommy, this is pillow pillow's eyes."
I said, "Huh? Oh is it? Then where's the ears?"
"There!" Pointing to the corners of the pillow.
"Then this is the nose and this is the mouth"

You know she is exactly like me. When I was small I had a favourite pillow also and I used to imagine the pillow's facial features at the spots where she imagined them to be too. Like mother like daughter.

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