Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's official. My daughter's afraid of the beach. I wonder what's so terrifying about the beach. I observed there are several things about the beach she's terrified.

1. She's terrified of the sound of waves splashing on the shore.
2. She's terrified of the waves chasing after her.
3. She's terrified of the sand.
4. She's terrified of the feeling of the sand under her feet.
5. She's terrified of the big red ants she saw on the beach. (Our beaches are getting dirtier)

I don't understand what's so terrifying. I wasn't afraid of the beach when I was young. I loved it till now. I hope it won't be a life long thing for her. Otherwise I'll be disappointed. This must be daddy's fault. She must've taken after her dad. :P

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